Calling the Police for Non- Emergencies

This section provides information on how you can contact Hertfordshire Police when it is not an emergency.

Dialing 101 will put you directly in touch with the local Hertfordshire constabulary and has been introduced to improve access to the police, ease pressure on 999, and help to efficiently and effectively tackle crime and disorder.

When to call 101?

You should call 101 to report crime or other concerns that do not require an emergency response.

For example, you should call 101 if:
your car has been stolen
your property has been damaged
you suspect drug use or dealing in your area

Or to:
report a minor traffic collision
give the police information about crime in your area
speak to the police about a general enquiry

What is the difference between 101 and 999?

You should continue to call 999 when it is an emergency, such as when a crime is in progress, someone suspected of a crime is nearby, when there is danger to life or when violence is being used or threatened.

To contact the police for any other reason, call 101.

For further information on how to contact the police you can visit the Hertfordshire Police Service Website at the following address