A balanced plan for homes

We need more homes in East Herts to meet demand, but that doesn’t mean we have to destroy our quality of life.

I have made written and oral representation to The Council and to The Inspectorate and support local campaigns to make their voices heard.

I have set out six guiding principles I believe they will help us allachieve a balanced approach to housing and planning.


Homes matched by infrastructure

I support the building of new homes for local families, but only if it’s matched by more infrastructure and services. That’s why I lobbied - successfully - for two more primary schools and one new secondary school on the Bishop’s Stortford North development.

I am committed to challenging major local developments to demand they include the essential infrastructure needed, especially road capacity and key public services.

More homes people can afford

We need more homes that people can afford, especially those on lower incomes. Nationally, I support the Conservatives’ aim of building 400,000 more affordable homes and will seek to apply relevant national policies locally. I am working with local communities who want to use schemes like Community Land Trusts to help provide more affordable homes.

Development must be sustainable.

I believe development must be sustainable, environmentally and economically. That is why I continue to oppose the so-called ‘Harlow North’ development. It is unsustainable both environmentally and in terms of providing sufficient infrastructure. Where other schemes emerge I will judge them on the same standards. 

Backing neighbourhood plans

Neighbourhood plans are a great way for local people to shape their community and the housing and services they need. I will back neighbourhood planning groups and parish councils to ensure they get the support they need, especially where large developments are proposed.

Homes which work for the elderly

Our population is ageing rapidly, but many homes don’t work well for the elderly. Some people would like to move but cannot find anywhere suitable. Other people have to move into care because their home needs adapting. I will campaign for our housing to reflect the needs of older people, both the existing stock and new homes. This will help them and our NHS and social care services.

Control speculative development

The best way to control speculative development is to adopt a robust district plan. I will lobby East Herts Council and the Government to ensure that any legally adopted plan is then rigorously enforced.