Securing superfast broadband

Mark Prisk is working hard to help upgrade local people’s internet connection to superfast broadband.

  • 2014  - Mark helped secure an extra £4m for the local Connected Counties programme so more homes could be upgraded, especially in our villages.
  • 2015 – Mark organised a special conference to help local communities understand how to get the upgrade they need and to talk direct with Herts County Council, BT and other providers Gigaclear and Avonline.
  • 2016 – Connected Counties programme extends to ensuring 98% of homes to get the minimum provision
  • 2016 – Gigaclear announces plans to invest up to £4 m to install its own fibre network for up to 4,000 homes, starting in Hunsdon and then heading north up the Ash Valley.

Currently connectivity in the constituency is above the UK average on all measures listed above. Average download speeds are around 25% higher than the UK average. On this measure, the constituency ranks 158th of 650 constituencies in the UK (in the top 25% of constituencies) and 18th of 57 in the East of England.

The constituency has a low percentage of connections receiving slower speeds (under 10 Mbps) – at 21%, this ranks better than over 85% of constituencies.

Looking at nearby constituencies – Hertford & Stortford has lower superfast availability than Harlow, Broxbourne, Epping Forest and Welwyn Hatfield, but higher availability than North East Hertfordshire. Average download speeds are higher in Harlow, Broxbourne and Welwyn Hatfield, but lower in Epping Forest and North East Hertfordshire.

Most wards in the constituency are receiving high average speeds. All but two wards are in the top 40% in Great Britain when ranked on this measure, and Ware Chadwell ward ranks in the top 5% in Great Britain. However, Much Hadham and Hunsdon wards compare poorly. Much Hadham is in the bottom 5% of wards in Great Britain for average download speed, and Hunsdon is in the bottom 1%.

Hunsdon is also in the bottom 2% of wards in Great Britain for two other measures – the percentage of connections receiving the slowest speeds (under 2 Mbps – i.e. it has a high percentage of these) and the percentage of connections receiving slower speeds (under 10 Mbps).

Hertford Heath has a high percentage of connections unable to receive at least 10 Mbps, with a percentage higher than almost 90% of wards. Superfast availability in Ware Trinity ward is among the best of all wards in Great Britain.

During 2017, Gigaclear is expected to complete its work in Hunsdon, whilst BT through the Connected Counties programme is now looking to help more homes than originally planned. Mark will continue to work with each parish and the telecom providers to ensure that as many homes and businesses locally are upgraded, wherever possible.



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