Stop Bengeo Quarry

Mark Prisk continues to back the Stop Bengeo Quarry (SBQ) campaign. He has met with members of the SBQ several times concerning plans for a gravel pit to be extracted. He has written to the Waste Planning Authority to object to both the appeal by the applicant on the rejected application and against their second application

Mark has also lobbied the Environment Agency and government ministers about the potential threat to local water supplies.

Mark will continue to work with local councillors and residence against this proposal. 

A website has been set up by campaigners, if you would like to learn more, which can be found here:

Please find below a copy of a letter received from John Wood, Chief Executive and Director of the Environment at Hertfordshire County Council, sent to Mr Prisk in response to his letter concerning the proposed site:

Please find below a copy of a letter from the Environment Agency concerning the proposed quarry site in response to a letter written by Mr Prisk on this matter.

This page will continue to be updated as the campaign progresses




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