Tackling Climate Change

All of us have a role in tackling climate change, as individuals, as local communities and as a country. I strongly support the principle of sustainable stewardship towards the Earth and that means pressing for action across every aspect of our lives. So as an individual I have taken steps, like switching to renewable energy, to play my part.

So as your MP I am backing a wide range of different campaigns which are trying to effect real change. From decarbonising energy production and consumption; to ensuring our planning and construction rules are sustainable; from tackling products like microbeads, to encouraging the take up of zero-carbon vehicles across the district; and from promoting greater waste recycling, to discouraging wasteful consumption, there are many campaigns which can play their part in this change.

I support the latest plan for the UK to aim to achieve net zero emissions by 2050. However this must now must be backed by ambitious and workable plans in areas like energy and transport. It’s also vital that we then use this to lobby the bigger nations to cut their emissions. I welcome the Government’s ambitious 25 Year Environment Plan which sets out the commitment to supporting and protecting the world's most biodiverse forests, supporting sustainable agriculture and supporting zero-deforestation supply chains. I believe the key is for Government to set a framework which will enable us all to change our lives for the better and to actively encourage technological innovation. I also believe that we need to find practical ways for people to change their ways, rather than rely just on banning things. The campaign to cut the use of plastic carrier bags shows what can be done.

So over the coming months I will be setting out a series of updates on issues affecting climate change at Westminster, in the constituency and across social media.

You can keep an eye on my social media for updates on this – like ‘Mark Prisk MP’ on Facebook or follow @mark.prisk on Instagram to be first in the know.