Councils and Councillors

Whilst contacting me may seem to be the best way forward, there are a number of issues that can be resolved directly at your local council and by your local councillor.

This factsheet provides information on the most common issues constituents frequently ask me about and includes what each council in your area does along with contact details of your local councillor.

Hertfordshire County Council

Hertfordshire County Council (HCC) is the local authority for the whole of the county. Typically there will be 1 councillor responsible for representing a large area or ward within the county.

To find your county councillor click here:

The most common issues which Hertfordshire County Council is responsible for are the following:

Children’s Services

Children’s Services can assist with many different enquiries relating to children. This includes help with school places and admissions, issues surrounding child protection and assisting young people with special educational needs and disabilities.

For information on school places you can visit my page on the left hand column for a help guide or contact HCC by either calling 03001234043 or send an email to

If you suspect for any reason that a child is being abused or neglected, or if you have concerns relating to an issue surrounding child protection you should contact the police on the emergency 999 number or call the ‘Child Abuse Investigation Unit’ who work with HCC and the police on 0845 33 00 222.

Health and Community Services

HCC Health and Community Services can provide support for elderly and vulnerable people. If you need transport to and from hospital appointments or if you are looking to apply for a ‘Blue Badge’ to enable you to park in disabled parking bays, the council can assist you in these matters. They are also responsible for administering free bus passes for disabled people and making alterations to roads and pavements to ensure wheelchair access.

The Health and Community Services Department at HCC can offer financial advice and information on residential care and provide support on how to manage and maintain independence at home.

For further information on health and social care related issues you should contact HCC by either calling 03001234042 or send an email to  

Hertfordshire Highways

HCC is responsible for maintaining and improving roads and pavements in your area. It is a joint operation on behalf of both the county and district. They are also responsible for issues surrounding street lighting, drains, bridges and road signs.

You should contact Hertfordshire Highways or your local county councillor if you wish to report damaged road surfaces and potholes.

To see if Hertfordshire County Council can help you with your problem you can call them on 0300 123 4040 or email them at  Alternatively you can visit their website at

East Herts District Council

East Herts District Council (EHDC) is the local authority for East Herts. Typically there will be 2 or 3 councillors responsible for each ward within a town such as Hertford, Bishop’s Stortford or Ware and 1 councillor representing a Village such as Thundridge or Much Hadham.

To find your local East Herts District councillor and their contact details click here -

The most frequent issues constituents contact me about which East Herts District Council can deal with are:

Planning Applications

If you are thinking of carrying out building work or development you may need planning permission. All planning applications can be made through the EHDC website.

You can also contact EHDC to make a comment on a planning application or report any suspected development you think is taking place without permission.

Follow the link to the EHDC website to find out more


For information on Housing in East Herts and how to join the housing register click here to go to the column on the left hand of this page


EHDC are the local authority responsible for all matters relating to licensing in East Herts. This includes the licensing of taxi drivers, the sale of alcohol, gambling, some regulated entertainment, small lotteries and local market trade.

To find out if East Herts District Council can help you with your problem you can call them on 01279 655261 or email them at Alternatively you can visit their website


Town and Parish Councils

Town and parish councils are responsible for services such as local Museums, community halls, allotments and many local fundraising events.

Across the constituency there are a number of local parish and town councils which can help with your problem at a local level or be able to take up your complaint with a councillor at East Herts District or Hertfordshire County Council.

Click on the link below to take you to the homepage of your local town or parish council:

Bengeo Rural Parish Council
36 Clusterbolts
SG14 3ND
Phone: 01992 558657

Bishop’s Stortford Town Council 

Hertford Town Council

Hunsdon Parish Council

Much Hadham Parish Council
Near Ware
SG11 1HP
Phone(s): 01920 438280
Fax: 01920 438087

Sawbridgeworth Town Council -

Ware Town Council -


Wareside Parish Council
Phone(s): 01920 460571

Widford Parish Council
23 Widford Road
SG12 8NN
Phone: 01279 842673 (all day and evening)

* This factsheet is by no means definitive, nor should it be relied upon as legal advice *