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Welcome to the Help Centre section of my website.

With the majority of homes having an internet connection, there is an increasing number of people looking for help and information online.

So, this section comprises a list of 'How to guides' and 'Factsheets' on topics which are most frequently raised by my constituents.

These lists are by no means definitive, nor should they be relied upon as legal advice. Rather, they are intended to answer many of the questions which people ask most frequently. Overtime, these lists will be revised and updated.


Councils and Councillors

Whilst contacting me may seem to be the best way forward, there are a number of issues that can be resolved directly by your local councillor.

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Citizen Advice Service

The East Herts Citizens Advice Service, which includes several Bureaux in our towns, can help people with their legal, financial and other problems by providing free, independent and confidential advice.

Calling the Police for Non- Emergencies

This section provides information on how you can contact Hertfordshire Police when it is not an emergency.

Veterans Support

If you are a veteran and are interested in support you can find information below.

Key contacts in the community

This secion provides a list of key contacts for adult care and other important local services more...

Big Ben - Tours

The Clock Tower is the name of the famous tower of Parliament - more commonly known as Big Ben. Although often referred to as Big Ben, this is actually the nickname of the bell within the Clock Tower. Big Ben's official name is the Great Bell.

Tours of the Houses of Parliament

The Houses of Parliament, also known as the Palace of Westminster, is one of the most iconic and historic buildings in the world and is therefore no surprise why many people contact me requesting information about booking a tour.

Do you need further Help?

Most enquiries can be dealt with both quickly and efficiently by email or post and urgent problems are best dealt with over the phone. However, I also run regular surgeries for constituents that can be booked in advance.


'How to...' Guides

Apply for Housing in East Herts

Any resident wishing to apply for housing in East Herts first needs to join the Housing Register. All housing applications to live in East Herts now have to be made online, via the HomeOption website in association with East Herts District Council.

Make a complaint about the NHS

Most medical care and treatment goes well, but things occasionally can go wrong and you may want to register a complaint. Every NHS organisation has a complaints procedure depending on the service and place of your treatment.

Apply for a School Place

Attending a new school is a very important step for your child and it can be a distressing time if your child is not allocated a school place of your choice.

Apply for a Visa or Immigration

The UK Border Agency (UKBA) is responsible for administrating all Visas to the UK in association with the Home Office. They are also responsible for processing applications for British Citizenship.

Surgery Appointments

How to apply for a surgery appointment.



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