Modernising our GP services

Mark is working with local GPs and patients’ groups to improve our GP practices. Many people have complained about the problem of getting appointments with some local surgeries. Behind this problem, lies a series of wider issues – the rapid rise in the number of older people; the fall in the number of doctors wanting to go into general practice; and the inadequate premises many GPs are currently having to use.

Mark is campaigning nationally for changes to help increase the number of doctors coming to general practice. Training regulations and incentives are now being changes to encourage more doctors to come into general practice. Mark also favours seeing other health professionals be allowed to help share the workload, including making better use of pharmacists.

Locally he is working with GPs in Bishop’s Stortford, Hertford, Ware and Sawbridgeworth to help them get larger, more modern premises. Mark helped secure funding for our area in 2015 and the NHS is now assessing local bids from the area to fund these moves. This could deliver new modern premises in the centres of each of our main towns.