Mark Demands a Say for Gilston's community

Mark Prisk MP has written to the Director of Harlow and Gilston Garden Town after an additional £715,000 in Government funding was allocated for the project.

Holocaust Memorial Day

On the first #InternationalDayofEducation, and ahead of Holocaust Memorial Day on 27 January, we can remember those who have endured genocide, and the lives that have been changed beyond recognition by it.⠀

Meeting Alzheimer's Society

Mark Prisk met with the Alzheimer’s Society to learn about their proposed research into creating a new Dementia Fund, designed to stop people being financially punished for developing dementia.


Mark Prisk MP voted in favour of the Prime Minister's draft EU deal on 15 January.


The deal was voted down by a margin of 230 votes.


Mark Pledges Support for Dogs Trust

Mark Prisk pledged his support for Dogs Trust's anti puppy smuggling campaign in light of revelations presented by the charity's investigations.

He told social media followers:

Cash Boost for Local Police

Having campaigned vigorously for greater funding for our police, I'm delighted that the Home Secretary has announced additional funding in the region of £16 million for our Hertfordshire constabulary.

Confidence in Theresa May

Mark Prisk MP backed Theresa May in the confidence vote that took place on 11 December 2018.


Mark told the press and social media:


Second EU Referendum debate

Mark Prisk MP asked Justine Greening about her views on a second EU referendum in the House of Commons - specifically about the claim that it will heal divisions within our society.

You can watch the video of the exchange by clicking HERE