Apprenticeships and Jobs Fair

Mark Prisk MP was delighted to host an Apprenticeships and Jobs Fair in Ware.

The event brought brilliant local employers together with hundreds of students and young job seekers. Over 20 organisations, including Glaxo Smith Kline, Network Rail, Asda and East Herts Council joined the day, showing the diversity of our local business scene. We are fortunate that our area fosters a range of industries which cater to various skill sets.

Mr Prisk said:

'I’d like to give special thanks to London Stansted Airport, who kindly sponsored the event as well as holding a stall to attract new talent. A special mention goes to Chauncy School, who brought plenty of eager students along, as well as the other schools and colleges who motivated their pupils to join in. I hope all attendees were encouraged to discover the great opportunities that await them on the other side of their exams, should they decide that further education is not right for them.

'What I learned from organising this event is that not enough employers are utilising apprenticeships schemes to attract talent. I can personally attest to the value apprenticeships bring to the workplace; I have hired two apprentices in recent years who went on to become indispensable full-time employees in my Westminster office. In turn, young people are not adequately aware of the nature of apprenticeships; what they are, how they work and how they can benefit both employee and employer.

'More must be done to promote apprenticeships as a means of getting a foot in the professional door. I would encourage business owners and human resources professionals reading this to consider implementing a scheme in their own organisations if they haven’t already.' 

Everything one needs to know about apprenticeships – whether working as one or employing one - can be found on the Government’s site.