Bengeo Quarry: East Herts clarifies policy

East Herts Council has issued a statement concerning its policy towards a planning application for a quarry near Bengeo, apologising for any misunderstandings and clarifying the council’s policy. This follows a letter from Mark Prisk MP to the Leader of the Council seeking clarification.

Mark prisk said in response “I welcome the clarification of East Herts Council’s position concerning the plans for a quarry near Bengeo. Clearly the issuing of contrary letters within a few weeks of each other has caused confusion and real concern locally. I welcome the Council’s apology for this.

As I understand it the facts are these. As one of several consultees, the Council’s view has always been that whilst it has no objection in principle, it nevertheless has important reservations about the proposals, concerning noise, traffic, wildlife etc. Whilst I would have preferred an outright objection, these reservations are the same, as when the previous application was rejected by the County Council, who are the decision making body. So from the County Council’s point of view nothing has changed in the submission from East Herts. That is what matters to those of us seeking the rejection of the application.

I remain opposed this application and will be working with Stop Bengeo Quarry and local residents in the coming weeks to that end.”

Please find below a copy of Bengeo Gravel Application CEO response:


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