Incinerator: Prisk surveys local views

Mark Prisk MP has written to over 300 households about the waste-to-energy incinerator, being proposed by Biffa plc for the Westmill site, near Ware. He has sent a survey to the households nearest to the site, seeking their views, as they are the ones most affected.

Whilst Mark feels that the principle of burning waste to provide energy makes sense, he has serious reservations about this specific proposal. His concerns include the proximity to local homes; the size and mass of the building; the impact of traffic on local roads and the industrial nature of the waste.

The survey seeks to identify people's views about the proposal in general and to identify which issues are of most concern. Once he has received people's views Mark intends to then lobby both Biffa and the waste authorities to make sure that they understand what people think. Mark has the support of local councillors in conducting this survey.

Mark said: ""Many people are understandably sceptical about Biffa, and worried about the scale and impact of this proposal. I want to make sure I know the balance of people's views, especially those living nearest to the site.""