Mark Backs British Farming

Mr Prisk pledges to back British Farming in the wake of the EU referendum, at a recent meeting with local farmers and the National Farmers Union (NFU). The Pledge has been developed by the NFU and has seven key points:

  1. Build the nation’s food security by improving the competitiveness, profitability and productivity of UK agriculture;
  2. Give British farmers the best possible access to markets inside and outside the EU;
  3. Ensure that agri-food imports meet the same high standards adhered to by British farmers;
  4. Introduce a domestic agricultural policy that will not put British farmers at a competitive disadvantage;
  5. Ensure British farmers and growers have sufficient supplies of labour;
  6. Strengthen farming’s environmental role, allowing all farmers to care for the countryside, wildlife and mitigate climate change;
  7. Implement policies that are science and evidence-based to create a better regulatory environment for British farmers.

“It is more important than ever for us to back British Farmers in the wake of the EU referendum result” said Mark. “I want to see a competitive, profitable, and productive British farming and food industry. I look forward to supporting local farmers, growers and food producers.”

To find out more about the campaign please click the link to the NFU website: