Mark launches GTR passenger survey

Mark Prisk MP is meeting with the head of Govia Thames Link (GTR) next month, along with others, to discuss the daily problems commuters face. Mark is therefore conducting a survey of passengers, to put to senior managers of GTR.

Mr Prisk has previously called for the breakup of GTR so that it can more effectively deal with its various problems across its network. So, for example, when things go wrong on one line they impact on another service. Thus the Southern Rail troubles have had an unfair impact on Greater Northern services from Hertford North.  

 Mark has said “I receive regular complaints from commuters about a service for which they pay a great deal.  While not all these problems can be fixed overnight there are clearly some changes GTR can make to help passengers if and when things go wrong. So I am keen to hear what are the local priorities of local passengers.”

The survey will run until December 1st. The results will be published along with the outcomes of the meeting

GTR service from Hertford North