Mark Objects to Bengeo Quarry

Mark Prisk has formally objected to the revised application for gravel extraction at Bengeo. In his submission he says that the risks to the local water supply are unquantified; the scale and location of the application is inappropriate and the potential impact on the environment and risks to local health are unacceptable.

Mr Prisk’s submission follows an active local campaign by the ‘Stop Bengeo Quarry’ group. Local people are concerned about the impact on wildlife and ecology as well as the environmental impact on human health.

Mr Prisk and Cllr Andrew Stevenson questioned the potential risk to the local water supply. In his submission Mr Prisk said: “Given that no independent assessment of the local geology and chalk structure has been undertaken, approval of this application would in my view be irresponsible, given the risk to the health of thousands of local people”.

A copy of Mr Prisk’s letter to Hertfordshire County Council can be found below:


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Mark Prisk Letter on Bengeo 384.04 KB