Mark objects to Inspectorate regarding plans for Bengeo Quarry

Mark Prisk MP has written to The Planning Inspectorate for England and Wales (PINs) outlining his opposition to the proposed Bengeo quarry site which has gone to appeal.

The original application was turned down by Hertfordshire County Council on March 22nd. This was in part due to environmental concerns and a strong local opposition campaign by the ‘Stop Bengeo Quarry’ Group.

Mark Said: “It is really disappointing to see this appeal trying to force a quarry onto the community at Bengeo. The case against remains very clear – it is bad for air quality, bad for traffic and bad for water quality.”

The applicants have also put in a separate but similar application. Mark will be objecting to that on the same principles.

Residents can make their own representation to PINs through their website and by using the reference number '3178839'

Please find below a copy of Mark’s letter to PINs below: 


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