Mark Prisk backs Scouts' campaign to stop 'rain tax'

Mark Prisk, MP for Hertford and Stortford, is this week demanding that the Government acts to stop local voluntary groups from facing excessive new water charges as a result of Whitehall blundering.

Under current government rules, East Herts charities, sports clubs, and groups like the Scouts could face large rises in their water bills, due to changes in how surface water is charged.

The Scout Association estimate that the changes could cost £500 a year per Scout hut, and they have organised a campaign against the 'rain tax'.

Mark Prisk met local representatives of the Scouts at a rally last Wednesday at Westminster.

He said: ""This hike in water bills would be devastating for local groups like the Scouts. Ministers and the water regulators have failed to realise how serious this could be. The rules must be changed and I will work with other MPs and the Scout Association to get that change.""

At a rally, Mr Prisk challenged the regulator Ofwat about the problem, and he has signed EDM 1874 which calls for a change in the rules.