Mark Prisk hails Simon Balle School's science win

Mark Prisk MP today praised a pupil of Simon Balle School who has won a place in the National Science and Engineering Competition, led by the British Science Assocation. The National Science and Engineering Competition is open to 11-18 year olds in the UK who have completed a project or activity in any field of science, technology, engineering or maths.

The entry from Simon Balle School examined how the age of a seedling affects the time it takes the seed to germinate.

Mark Prisk MP, said: ""I'd like to offer my congratulations to Sarah Benham and everyone involved at Simon Balle School who helped devise the winning entry.

""Science, technology, engineering and maths are key to the future prosperity of the UK. This competition is a great way of helping to find the scientists and engineers of the future, and also encouraging pupils to get more involved in these subjects at school and beyond.""

Simon Balle School's entry will now be judged at the National Science and Engineering Competition, which will take place at the Big Bang Science Fair in Manchester.