Mark sponsors Homelessness Reduction Bill

Mark Prisk is co-sponsoring a new law which will help tackle homelessness. The Homelessness Reduction Bill has been led by Bob Blackman MP and has won the support of MPs across the Commons today. Mark spoke in the debate and called on MPs from all sides to back the Bill. You can see him speaking in the House of Commons here. The Bill amends the current law and will:

  • Require councils to take action to prevent homelessness, not just to act once someone becomes homeless;
  • Raise the standards of advice and support across all councils
  • Require all public bodies, such as the NHS, to co-operate to help the homeless
  • Provide new duties to help particular groups like former military personnel and young people who have just left care.

The Bill has secured Government support and ministers have committed to fund the new responsibilities which councils will take on.

Mark said “This Bill offers real hope to those in need. The causes of homelessness are very complicated, reflecting many other social problems. This Bill will help councils to prevent someone becoming homeless, which in turn will help thousands of families and single people. I am delighted that the Bill has passed its first stage in becoming law and hope that we will see it on the statute book next year.”