A New Hospital in East Herts?

Mark Prisk MP wrote to the Secretary of State for Health regarding upgraded NHS services in the local area. Here is the content of the letter:


I am writing to reiterate my strong support for funds to replace the existing Princess Alexandra Hospital at Harlow and for a new hospital to be built probably near junction 7a of the M11. I am working closely with my neighbour Robert Halfon in this matter.

We need the investment because the current buildings are ageing and inadequate to meet current demand. Secondly our populations are growing. My district has seen a rapid growth in population and the adopted local plan envisages 18,000 homes to be built by 2033 – so a population rise of over 40,000 people in East Herts alone. Harlow and Epping Forest face similar challenges. Without a bigger and more modern hospital the NHS simply won’t be able to cope with demand.

Third this investment should enable us to provide the range of facilities which will enable our health service locally to recruit and retain the healthcare staff we need. This is proving very difficult in the present set up.

So I would ask you put our area at the top of the list for capital investment in the coming round early next year. As you know Robert & I have been lobbying on this issue now for more than a year. Our constituents will rightly want to see progress.


Updates to follow.