Press Statement on Brexit - 3 September 2019

On 3 September, Mark Prisk MP gave the following statement to local press:

I will be supporting the Government in the lobbies tonight. The Prime Minister is entitled to have the freedom and time to negotiate with the EU, which these ‘rebel’ proposals would undermine. 650 MPs can’t negotiate with Brussels and we need to get on with Brexit.

Talk of a coup is wrong. First, Parliament has had three years to debate Brexit and despite approving Article 50 has since voted down the only deal, three times. Second, the real crunch period comes at the EU Council on October 17-18. The following Monday will be when Parliament should then decide what to do, not now. Nothing in the prorogation proposals stops that.

My main concern has always been that the hard liners on both sides – Remainers and Leavers – have refused to listen or compromise. As long as that remains the case then all political decisions - not just Brexit - will be stuck, unable to progress. For any decision to be made and for any subsequent reconciliation to begin all MPs need to listen more and to think how they can work together for our common good.