Prisk: “Stronger, safer and better off” within a reformed Europe

Mark Prisk, MP for Hertford & Stortford, has issued an open letter to his constituents setting out why he believes Britain’s best interests lie within a reformed EU.

“This new settlement gives the UK special status within the EU which will make us stronger, safer and better off. On the one hand, we are able to trade in the Single Market; to travel freely as we wish; to collaborate with neighbours for security and to control illegal migration. On the other hand, it means we will never be forced into the Euro; never become part of the Schengen open borders policy; never be part of a European Army and never be part of a European Superstate. All guaranteed in international law.”

Mr. Prisk has set out his views on the new settlement, secured by the Prime Minster, on his website in more detail, setting out the economic, political and security reasons for his decision. He has joined Conservatives for Reform in Europe at Westminster, which includes Conservative MPs & Peers.

Mr. Prisk in particular cites the risks from Putin’s Russia and the Middle East as a reason for not splitting from the EU. He says, “It would send the worst possible signal that the West is divided and would be a huge distraction from securing a united response to these threats.”

Mr. Prisk encourages everyone to vote on June 23rd. “I campaigned for this referendum and am delighted that everyone will now get the chance to have their say. I hope we can have a measured and factually-based debate and to that end I intend to both set out my own views but also help everyone to come to their own conclusion, whether to leave or to remain.”


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