Prisk backs plan to tackle Labour's jobs crisis

Mark Prisk has welcomed new Conservative proposals to get people working in his Hertford & Stortford constituency. This comes as Government figures showed that in September 2009 there were 1,621 people unemployed in Hertford & Stortford claiming Jobseeker's Allowance, with 5 job seekers chasing every JobCentre vacancy.

Under detailed new Conservative plans, Labour's numerous and piecemeal work programmes would be simplified into a single back-to-work programme for everyone on out-of-work benefits. This would be backed up with new and additional work pairings, apprenticeships, further education college places and vocational education for young people. There would also be programmes to support self-employment, work clubs and volunteering opportunities to help people prepare for work and find jobs.

Mark Prisk said: ""One of the biggest challenges facing people in East Herts is Labour's Job Crisis. There are already 5 people chasing each job vacancy and my fear is that this will get worse in the coming months. That's why I welcome Conservative plans to reform the system and help people back into work, training, apprenticeships or working for themselves.""