Prisk calls for GTR to be stripped of Hertford loop service

Mark Prisk MP for Hertford & Stortford has written to the Railway Minister to call for the break-up of the GTR mega franchise and a new company to be put in charge of services which include the Hertford Loop. He cites the poor and worsening punctuality and reliability of the service and inadequate information provided.

In his letter to the Minister Paul Maynard, Mr. Prisk says:  

I am writing to you, following a sustained period of bad service from GTR for my commuters who use the Hertford loop route. Reliability, punctuality and the failure to provide accurate or timely information have all worsened over the winter. No wonder the company’s reputation with its customers puts it at the bottom of almost every league table.

Most recently GTR have compounded their failings by the way they have handled the announcement that they intend to replace the rail service northwards from Hertford with a bus service. There has been no attempt to consult or engage with those affected before making this statement.

I am therefore writing to you to say that I believe this mega franchise is failing to provide the service my constituents need. I would therefore ask that the Government look to break up the current arrangement so that we can have a company managing the franchise for Great Northern (including the Hertford Loop) which is focused on the needs of my commuters and their near neighbours. The current mega franchise simply isn’t working.