Prisk : Let’s make the M11 safer

Mark Prisk, has today met with Highways England (HE), about the spate of accidents on the M11, especially between junctions 6 and 8. Neighbouring MP Sir Oliver Heald MP joined him.

Highways England and Essex Police agree that the rate of accidents has risen. Before 2016 the annual accident rate was around 80. In 2016 that jumped to 115 and this year looks like being the same. Over half (51%) of all collisions were nose-to-tail, often in slowing traffic. A further 19% were bad lane change collisions. Loss of control and single vehicle accidents made up 23%. The junctions from 6 to 8 were particular hot spots.

Mr Prisk discussed the road layout and visibility and what steps Highways England could take to reduce the number of accidents. A review of the safety along this stretch of the M11 is now underway and it is due to report early in 2018. Thereafter Ministers are looking at the adoption of smart technology to improve the monitoring and management of the road and the handling of accidents when they occur.

Mark said “It’s clear this stretch of the M11 has become more dangerous. Traffic is rising, but the rate of accidents means more should be done to inform and manage the route. I welcome this review of the road and have asked for an early sight of its findings. Individual drivers must play their part in ensuring they drive carefully, but improvements to the signage, lane management and capacity of the M11 would be welcome.”