St Elizabeth's Centre: Eco-Friendly Commuting

Mark Prisk MP visited St Elizabeth’s Centre after they launched their Liftshare initiative.

Mr Prisk said:

‘One of the key topics in Bishop’s Stortford is congestion and air pollution. I get a lot of young people expressing their concern. One good example is encouraging more people to share car journeys, particularly work colleagues.

‘So I was delighted to visit St Elizabeth’s Centre, who employ many people locally. Their LiftShare scheme is online on an easy to use app on your phone. Staff create their account, and then seek a match from fellow workers. It can be for a regular journey or occasional – whatever suits. And St Elizabeth’s have a back up for when you need to get home suddenly, guaranteeing a return journey.

‘This local charity sets an example to organisations across our area. They told me they hope to inspire other businesses and even households to make small changes, such as car sharing, that can have a big impact. Benefits include reducing travel costs, cutting congestion and pollution and it’s a really safe and flexible way to help the environment.’

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