Students musn't pay for Whitehall's blunders

Mark Prisk, MP for Hertford & Stortford, is demanding that Government Ministers act to stop local students from losing out, as a result of Whitehall blundering. The two blunders affect both school students and those in further education.

Local schools in Hertford, Ware and Bishop's Stortford have all been affected by a failure to accurately predict student numbers. The Learning and Skills Council's actions mean that an average school faces a shortfall of £55,000. Mark Prisk has written to Ministers demanding action to ensure that local schools in East Herts will not have to turn away students next year because of this incompetence.

At the same time, Hertford Regional College has been adversely affected by a decision by the Government to freeze its building project, along with 143 other colleges. It has left the Ware campus half-developed, without any confirmation of if and when the site will be completed. Mark Prisk is calling on the Government to come clean about what will happen to the college scheme, so that its management can plan for the future.

Mark Prisk said ""These blunders are yet another sign of this Government's incompetence. Many local young people will be adversely affected by this, just at a time when they need good education and skills training. Why should they pay for Labour incompetence? I shall continue to challenge Ministers over this and why they have failed to deliver what they promised.""