Prisk : 7 reasons to vote Conservative

Mark Prisk, Conservative candidate for Hertford & Stortford has set out seven reasons to vote Conservative on Thursday, June 8th. In a statement he said “In uncertain times we need a strong and experienced Government which will keep our economy strong, secure the best possible Brexit deal and which is committed to keeping us safe. A Conservative Government would:

  • Get the best Brexit deal for Britain
  • Control of our borders and laws
  • Tough on terrorists and tough on the causes of terrorism.
  • Keep the economy strong, creating the jobs we need.
  • Increase NHS funding every year
  • Build more affordable housing
  • Increase school funding every year

Mark continued “ The alternative would be a Labour Government, led by Jeremy Corbyn and Diane Abbott. Labour has no plan for Brexit and or what to do about immigration. Labour’s plans for the economy would send taxes soaring and see companies and jobs lost. Jeremy Corbyn has voted against every major counter terrorist law and has backed the IRA. So, on each major issue he would prove disastrous for our country if he became Prime Minister. So, on Thursday vote Conservative and vote for me to be your Member of Parliament.”

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